MAPEI Presents
CO2 absorption and resource recycling Granulated porous concrete cycling road.

The globally renowned architectural materials company based in Italy, MAPEI®, has decided to sponsor Eroica Japan. In Izu-no-Kuni City, the host of Eroica Japan, the innovative technology of CO2 absorption and resource recycling, “Granular Porous Concrete,” incorporating advancements from MAPEI® and Taisei Rotech, has been applied to the paving of “STRADE BIANCHE.” This cycling road, being the first environmentally conscious one in the country, is actively utilized.

The Granular Porous Concrete used in STRADE BIANCHE is derived from waste concrete, where CO2 is solidified, making it a groundbreaking new technology gaining global attention in the field of construction.

Eroica Japan, with a concept centered around environmental awareness and sustainability, considers “STRADE BIANCHE” as a crucial symbol representing the event. For the 10th anniversary event in 2024, the entire route will adopt “STRADE BIANCHE.” Eroica Japan aims to strengthen its ties with MAPEI and actively contribute to environmental conservation on the Kano River Cycling Road, a symbol of the Izu Peninsula, and promote the widespread use of Granular Porous Concrete.

The name “STRADE BIANCHE,” meaning “white roads” in Italian, boasts a low solar absorption rate and low surface temperature as distinctive features. Cycling is a sport directly impacted by the effects of global warming and environmental degradation. Cyclists, facing the daily rise in Earth’s temperature and deeply concerned about the severity of its problems, are encouraged to pause at “STRADE BIANCHE” and experience the coolness of its surface and the importance of environmental conservation.


Eroica Japan 2024 イベントスポンサー

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